Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am going to have a gallery again!

It has been awhile since I last contributed to my blog, one sort of loses steam after awhile. But big news, I am about to open a gallery, after many years of not having one and doing real estate here in Hudson. I have been thinking of getting back to art and making jewelry. After all, what gifts do I have which are unique to me; not selling houses, as good as I am at that. Every housewife got their license in the past few years, so being in real estate was hardly special. My knowledge of arcane areas of art and the jewelry I make are however special and rare, although perhaps not every ones taste. So I put my house on the market and someone came along who wanted it, and who owned a building on Hudson's main street, Warren St., and who offered to trade it for my house. I immediately said yes, the building at 307 Warren is a charming two story building with a large open storefront with great windows, and a decent, very livable apartment above. It needed work but minor things for the most part such as paint, some work in kitchens and baths, but nothing major and all easily done. So we did the trade and I am in my new place, but not open yet. That will take a few weeks more, getting the lighting and displays in order, etc.

Here is a view of my new building and home, 307 Warren Street, near all the restaurants and next to the local Chinese restaurant, The Red Chop Stick! You can buy archaic Chinese jades and take out dinner right next to each other.
Here is a closer, better view of the new store front with a few pieces in it. 307 Warren has great windows, a great show place for furniture and objects. It is large enough for me to do a mix of things, from the jewelry which doesn't need much space, to sculptures, antiquities and perhaps even some antiques. For me it is like having my parlors on the street, my collection is my inventory, and now people can see what I have gathered over the years. I do look forward to being able to share it with people.
So keep an eye out, I will post as I get completed and give you a look inside. This will give you an excuse to come visit Hudson and see the gallery and the other interesting shops and galleries in Hudson.


DrewEvans said...

Could you put the link to your gallery in here? Could you link this blog in your website? Both would be good for the viewer, I think.

Anonymous said...

Tom, congratulations on your opening--it looks like a beautiful gallery, and the pieces are marvelous--I'll try to make it up there and drop in--Jim Clyne